Jill Cowan, Cedar Hill, TX

Dear Susan, I was introduced to your teaching through Brannon Howse's program I heard your interview with him and there were many thinks that  I admired about you, but the 2 things that "grabbed" me was your commitment to teaching women only, and your dedicated memorization of scripture. I knew you were a woman I would have much to learn from.   I have been following your study in 1 Peter, and I also did your study on James. Because of your inspiration, I have memorized both books. Praise God. I plan to do Philippians and memorize it as well.

 I have shared your teaching with as many ladies as I can, including my sister-in law and my daughter.

 It seems like in this day and age it is a dry and thirsty land for those who teach the Word of God as you do to women. I have been searching for a ladies study for some time. There are many to be found, of course........if you want "show-biz" and "frou-frou"........but if you want verse by verse exegetical teaching, yours is a precious gem.

 We are close in age. I am a wife and mother of three grown children.....2 married and one nearly married.....with three grandchildren. I have been a Christian since I was 15 and have been blessed by good teaching in my life and my husband’s life. But it seems it is harder to find. I  have been challenged in new ways by your teaching and I can hardly go a week without "tuning" in to your sweet, calming, and many times convicting......voice. You are like a good, good, friend that I have known forever......but I haven't even met you. I hope to someday!!! It would be a privilege to hear you teach live.

 I live in the Dallas Area, so  a drive to Tulsa isn't out of the stretch of reason......don't be surprised if I just show up sometime when you are teaching.......with some other ladies !!! Thankfully yours,

Jill cowan

cedar Hill Texas

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