From Diana Burggraff
I have been “begging” the Lord to expose me to theologically rich female authors and was blessed to stumble across your materials online. I am currently reading through your book on Philippians and have to tell you that you have been the answer to my prayers! Thank you for your obedience to Christ not only in penning your writings, but in all the research, time, and study that came first!

I was in a car accident back in 2003 and experienced a mild brain injury as a result of hitting my head on the steering wheel. Recalling details and facts after the accident was a virtual impossibility that I underwent medicinal, chiropractic, and physical therapies to assist me. I am awed at how far the Lord has brought me since my car accident and I want to use the restored ability He has given me to memorize, for Him! I want to commit as much of the Bible to memory as possible and I noticed in your bio that you have experience with Scripture memorization. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me, to help me memorize and recall passages?

I have been praying that God would richly bless you for your ministry to women and to furthering the gospel. Thank you for ministering to me!
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