Courtney from South Dakota
Dear Susan, Scott Peterson came and spoke at a church I was a member of in Texico, NM. He was answering questions one night and someone asked him if Beth Moore was a good person to follow and read. My husband was deployed at the time and I felt lead to study the Life of David. Her “Heart like His” study was what I ordered and I listened to her lectures at the end of each week of study. I was a bit troubled by the study because I felt the questions caused the reader to “dig up bones” so to speak. The questions asked the reader to go back in their memory and write of past hurts. I personally found this to be contradictory of scripture. Weren’t we called to forgive not seven times but seventy times seven? Anyways, my ears perked up as Scott said, “if you want a good, rich, ladies Bible study, then you should pick up a Susan Heck Bible study.” I went home and ordered a few of your books. I read the School of Tested Faith twice last year while I injured my back, submitted to surgery, and recovered from surgery. I also listened to the lectures you paired with each chapter and memorized the book of James. It felt like a gift to my troubled heart and gave me a foundation to stand on. I’m now in the mist of another trial. My husband is deployed again, this time for 7 months and I’m left with 6 acres, 2 children under 4, and a home to care for. I’m not writing for sympathy. The wisdom gained in a trial is worth all the hardships, I know that now. However, I feel a yearning for a nearness to a woman of true faith. I fear I have no one in my life I can seek for Godly counsel. I wake before my children and pour over scripture and kneel besides my couch in prayer. Yet, I can’t shake my emotional desire for fellowship with other believers. We are members of a church here is South Dakota but I long for edifying conversation. I turn to your lectures on your website and the world view weekend radio. I just want to thank you for these resources and the friend I have in you. I hope in knowing you know of me, I will feel more like a friend. I am praying for your walk and your ministry. Your Sister in Christ, Courtney Moore
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